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Sonya Richins from Wild Heart Sanctuary Uses Structured Water
for her Horses & Dogs & Why (11 min)

Healthy Structured Water Daily Habits & Why (14 min)

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The Poultry Structured Water Studies are in!

Organically grown, faster growth, bigger birds, less mortality rate, less water and less feed used!

The Tennessee studies with structured water brought forth a drop in mortality rates.

The mortality declined from 4,000 birds per house to 2,000 birds per house just by giving the bird’s structured water.
Mortality rates continued to fall at a 600 to 800 per house.
The Birds receiving structured water with were around 3.5 ounces heavier than the control birds.
For the test in Arkansas, the grower was a great chicken grower, who already had mortality rates in his houses down to 800 birds per 30,000-bird house per grow-out.
In the (3)-grow-outs supervised by him, mortality rates only fell when the birds had structured water. The grower said that the birds in the test houses definitely looked healthier. What he was more interested in was feed conversion rates.
In the first grow-out, birds drank structured water with. They were also sprinkled twice daily for 20 minutes with structured water.
In this first grow-out, the feed conversion rate was 5% better in test houses.
In the second grow-out, birds were given structured drinking water, but were not sprinkled with structured water.

Feed conversion rate was 2.5% better for the test houses.
In all studies the birds appeared less stressed and much healthier than other grow houses.
What else is possible?
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Plants are not the only ones experiencing improved growth responses in agriculture.
Improvements to animal health and production have been seen as well.
As we enter into the world of animal husbandry and ranching, this same Quantum Field
Effect pertains to all animal studies with Structured Water as well.
Why is it that whole colonies of bees have been observed to repeatedly and daily fly
away from their hive and over a large yard just to arrive and drink as much of a
neighboring structured water supply
as possible? Are they that knowing of
how the health of structured water
makes them a far stronger,
harmonious, and more productive
colony? They must, because closer
water sources, although available, are
overlooked by the same bees!

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Dairy herds in Chandler, AZ were seen to improve their production of butterfat. The
cows even began behaving differently, more
When the cow’s drinking water was in question from
the state as to bacterial levels, an NAT Structuring
unit was placed between the source and the drinking
troughs. Within two weeks, the water was cleared of
this problem and the dairy was allowed to remain
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Chicken farms have found greater overall growth and
increase in weight than birds drinking unstructured
Another big insight from using structured water was
the lowering of overall mortality rates by 50%.The
mortality declined from 4,000 birds per house to
2,000 birds per house in one recent study.
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All Animals
All animals are attracted to structured water...birds, horses,
and pets.
When given the choice, dogs naturally choose structured
water over chlorinated tap water. Structured Water is leading
the way in the world of veterinary health.

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Agriculture Introduction

What if one day all the foods we ate were truly nutritious and energizing?
Well, news flash: That day has come to the world of agriculture.
At Natural Action Technologies, Inc. they have a slogan.
“What if changing one thing could change everything?”
For agriculture, It is simple. That one thing is called Structured Water.
When water is run through an NAT Structuring Unit, structured water is produced.
What is the difference between this and other agricultural waters?
Unlike waters being used in many agricultural applications, structured water:
1) Contains no energetic toxins
2) Brings forward high oxygenation states
3) Increases the energy
4) Regulates and balances the soil minerals
These characteristics of structured water bring forth some truly amazing results in the
world of agriculture.   
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Brix Levels
What does Structured Water brings to food crops?
For many years, there has been the understanding of what is known in agriculture as
the Brix Level. This was brought forth in 1800s when German chemist Adolf Brix saw .....
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Plant Changes (Vitality and Lack of Disease)

A crop such as a strawberry then can be graded in terms of Brix with numbers in 4
categories: Poor, Average, Good, Excellent. It is interesting to note that most
supermarket Brix ratings are in the Poor to Average range. Enter Structured Water.
Through the use of Structured Water, crops now consistently rate in the Good to
Excellent range or beyond!
In terms of plant immune resistance,

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(PDF File)

Farm Water Usage

The advent of Structured Water to the farm has left more than one farmer scratching
their head wondering why they didn’t have to use as much water as they did in the past.
NAT Structured Unit designer, Clayton Nolte,
explains, “It’s all about energy...and energy in
structured water lends itself to improved hydration.
What’s more, structured water offers such an
increase in hydration factor, that plants don’t need
the “accustomed” water levels familiar to “normal”
water farmers. They are out there standing in fields
of mud surprized because with structured water the
plant doesn’t need as much.

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Grape farmers in Mexico have been amazed when their
crops were brought to harvest 2 weeks earlier than ever in
the history of their farm. The normal fungal growths that
appeared normally on the grapes never materialized once
the vines were fed structured water.
But new levels of Brix for grapes were also seen. The
normal Brix reading for an excellent grape would hit the 20
mark on a refractometer. These grapes were now checking
in at 24!!! Structured water literally blew the lid off the
normal Brix scale.
Another understanding came from Soil profiles under the
grapes changing as well (see Soil Health below).

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